A Private-Duty Nursing Franchise that Puts Children First

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    If you search Google for a private duty nursing franchise, you’ll see that most cater to seniors and adults needing in-home private nursing care. However, First Day Homecare is a very different private duty nursing franchise that puts kids first.

    If you are interested in helping children, find out how easily you can with your own private duty nursing franchise.

    What is First Day Homecare?

    First Day Homecare was founded by healthcare professionals in Flint, Michigan, to fill a gap where services were needed. Although the private-duty nursing market is filled with companies providing services to adults and seniors, very few assist medically fragile children through the state's Medicaid benefit that pays for a one-on-one nurse to care for the child in their home. First Day Homecare specializes in caring for children and supporting families. 

    First Day Homecare’s nursing staff learn from the families how they can help. Their nurses are specially trained to care for children with medical complexities such as tracheostomies and ventilator dependence. They partner with parents and even ride the school bus with the children they care for to ensure safe travel to and from school. 

    Their mission is to remain a premier provider of skilled private-duty nursing services, supporting the most vulnerable of patients in the communities they are serving.

    Parents of medically fragile children need help to care for their little ones, and they also need breaks for self-care. Private duty nurses come into the home and help provide families with much-needed breaks and the support they require. Most states’ Medicaid plans will approve 8 to 16 hours per day of nursing care and this care is typically provided over many years…as long as the child remains eligible based on their medical needs.

    What Does a Private Duty Nursing Franchise Look Like?

    To extend its services to other areas, First Day Homecare took its successful business model and turned it into a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their community.

    Even if you don’t have a medical background, you can hire the professionals necessary to carry out the day-to-day operations of your private-duty nursing franchise. 

    Franchising will also help you get up and running quicker with a trusted, reliable brand name that people recognize. Instead of you starting from scratch, the parent company will provide you with guidance, training, and support every step of the way. 

    Not every private duty nursing franchise is the same. Hardly any others cater to the high volume, high demand population of medically complex children. When researching your options before investing, check out First Day Homecare and see how they differ.

    Why Invest in Your Own Private Duty Nursing Service Franchise?

    A private-duty nursing home care franchise offers many benefits. First Day Homecare specializes in a niche market (caring for children) which means less competition. There is a massive gap in in-home services for pediatric patients, providing an enormous opportunity for starting your own private-duty nursing franchise. 

    The home healthcare market is a $136 billion industry employing more than 2 million people. Thirty-seven billion is for pediatric home care, growing by 8% annually. 

    First Day Homecare doesn’t just prioritize its patients; it also puts people first over profits and cares deeply about the happiness and well-being of its employees. Although it specializes in children, First Day Homecare also assists families who need senior or adult in-home care services. 

    If you already work in the healthcare field as a nurse, you know that the demands can be overwhelming. Hospitals require long hours, inconsistent schedules, and more work than is often feasible, making spending enough time with each patient impossible. Private-duty nursing offers you a flexible schedule and plenty of time with your patient to get to know them, allowing you to provide exceptional services without being rushed. You get to create deep connections with the families you serve and go home every night feeling like you have made a difference.

    If you are passionate about healthcare, nursing, patient care, and supporting families of medically fragile children, a private-duty nursing franchise with First Day Homecare could be exactly what you have been needing. It offers you the opportunity to help others meaningfully and make a big difference in the lives of families who need your help, all while contributing positively to your community. 

    How to Partner With First Day Homecare 

    If you are interested in a private-duty nursing franchise, carefully consider First Day Homecare as an option. The steps to begin partnering with us are easy.

    1. Completing an Inquiry Form.
    2. Connecting with our Franchise Sales Director.
    3. Reviewing Disclosure Document.
    4. Meeting the Team for Discovery Day.
    5. Signing the Franchise Agreement.
    6. Finalizing Your Location and Set-Up.
    7. Hiring Your Staff and Conducting Training.
    8. Opening Your Business for Families in Need.
    9. Regulatory Compliance.

    First Day Homecare is committed to quality and high standards of care and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC) in Private-Duty Nursing Services. 

    It offers franchisees the following benefits:

    ●      An experienced leadership team.

    ●      Established and recognizable brand.

    ●      Thorough training and support.

    ●      Ample marketing support and training.

    ●      Extremely supportive culture.

    ●      …and so much more! 

    Contact First Day Homecare to learn more about this rewarding opportunity today. 

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