Francoach: Doctor Brings Pediatric Nursing Franchise to California

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    Irmeen Ashraf, a physician, acquired the First Day Homecare franchise in California to secure a sustainable retirement plan. With FranCoach's guidance, she chose this pediatric in-home nursing franchise due to her medical background and passion for helping children.

    We are excited to announce the newest owner of First Day Homecare: Irmeen Ashraf. With her deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, Irmeen is proud to bring this powerful pediatric private duty nursing franchise to her community. 

    Who Is Irmeen Ashraf?

    A physician who has taken on leadership roles at her practice, Irmeen has years of experience in the medicine and healthcare space. While she loves the intellectual challenge of working as a doctor, she knows that one day down the line she will want to retire – and by becoming a franchise owner, she hopes to set herself up for an enjoyable and sustainable retirement. 

    Why Did Irmeen Make a Career Change?

    Looking for a long-term exit strategy from practicing medicine, Irmeen saw franchise ownership as a path toward working for herself without the risk of building a business from scratch. Initially, a franchise in the food industry was at the top of her mind – but when she came to work with us at FranCoach, she got the chance to discover the broad swath of other options available! 

    Irmeen collaborated with FranCoach’s Katie Lepper to investigate a range of different franchise possibilities, from home services to restaurants and more. When Katie introduced Irmeen to the First Day Homecare team, the connection was clear from the beginning. Irmeen loved the care and kindness that was evident in the brand’s mission and appreciated its connection to her passion area of supporting those in need. 

    Why Will Irmeen Make a Great Franchise Owner?

    Throughout the franchise Discovery Process, Irmeen worked diligently to ensure she had found a brand that aligned with her needs, goals, and preferences – and with First Day, she pinpointed exactly that. Here is what Katie Lepper of FranCoach has to say about why Irmeen is sure to succeed: 

    “To put it simply, Irmeen has a passion for helping children and families. While you do not need a medical background to become a First Day franchise owner, Irmeen’s experience as a doctor made her feel even more connected to this pediatric, in-home, private duty nursing franchise. I am confident Irmeen will approach this exciting opportunity with all of the heart, dedication, and commitment to giving back that she embodied during the Discovery Process.”

    Why Did Irmeen Choose First Day Homecare?

    First Day Homecare is a unique business model situated in the ever-growing home healthcare industry. The brand provides in-demand services to pediatric populations, while giving franchise owners as well as caretakers the ultimate peace of mind. By providing long-term, high-quality care for clients from birth onward, First Day Homecare has distinguished itself as a brand that epitomizes a commitment to giving back to the community. 

    Irmeen felt an immediate connection with First Day’s mission and values – and beyond that, she recognized the strong business model. As the first owner of First Day in California, she is excited about the opportunity to scale and grow her business with support from the brand’s top-tier team. Along the way, Irmeen also worked with the brand’s co-founders, Emily Weichmann and Harvey Matthews – and after attending a virtual Meet the Team Day, she knew she was in the right room with the right people.

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