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    Unlock the potential of a pediatric home care franchise with First Day Franchising. Benefit from tailored support and specialized services for success in pediatric care.


    Highlights in this blog:

    1. Enhanced Pediatric Care: Discover how First Day Homecare, among pediatric home care franchises, elevates care standards, ensuring children receive specialized attention tailored to their unique needs.
    2. Community Impact: Learn how First Day Homecare and other pediatric home care franchises are making a difference in local communities, providing invaluable support to families and enhancing overall well-being.
    3. Innovative Approach: Explore how First Day Homecare stands out among pediatric home care franchises with its innovative strategies, blending compassion with advanced medical expertise to deliver exceptional care experiences.


    Across industries, companies are realizing the value of specialization. Especially in medicine, patients can get better care, more personal attention, and a better overall value when services are specialized. Pediatric home care services are a severely underserved market, and First Day Homecare aims to fill that gap with its pediatric home care franchise

    Who is First Day Homecare?

    Founded in 2020 in Flint, Michigan, First Day Homecare is a people-first business that delivers high-quality in-home medical services to people with ongoing medical challenges and their families. 

    They approach each patient with a science-backed, evidence-based program of expert home healthcare services, which include:

    • Personal nursing care.
    • Personal care services.
    • Transition training.
    • Highly skilled expert nurses.
    • Emotional support.
    • Specialized pediatric services.
    • Dedication to cooperation with the entire family .
    • Medicare-certified home visits.

    First Day Homecare believes in transparency, collaboration, over-communication, care standards, and people over business.

    Their primary services include:

    • Medication administration.
    • Vital sign monitoring.
    • IV infusions.
    • Tracheostomy care.
    • Feeding tube management.
    • Home ventilator management.
    • Personal care services.
    • Medicare-certified home health care.
    • Applied behavioral analysis therapy.

    In a recent Home Health Care News article, Emily Wiechmann, First Day Homecare’s CEO and co-founder, told the interviewer, “These are medically complex infants and children. Children who have tracheostomies, ventilators, feeding tubes — very highly complex medical needs. It’s been very evident to me throughout my career that there are not enough providers out there that deliver pediatric private-duty nursing services.”

    First Day Homecare chose to specialize in pediatric care because there is such a need for these services. Roadblocks like licensing, accreditation, and Medicaid enrollment have scared off other providers, making First Day a viable franchise solution. 

    Since opening its doors, First Day Homecare has experienced 5-15% monthly growth! The company averages $7.2 million annually. The founders decided to franchise to share their good fortune with others and spread these services nationwide. They have licenses to sell franchises in 35 states. 

    What is a Pediatric Home Care Franchise?

    If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of people every day, a pediatric home care franchise is an excellent investment.

    A First Day Homecare franchise allows you to offer desperately needed services for medically fragile patients and give their families some space to breathe. Some additional details about the opportunity include:

    • Leverage a franchise model strategically designed with the franchisee in mind. 
    • Provide an alternative employment option to nurses tired of working in understaffed hospitals. 
    • Invest in a growing niche in the enormous home healthcare industry.
    • An experienced leadership team that provides unmatched support and training. 

    With more than 4.5 million Americans in need of private-duty nursing services, a pediatric home care business is an excellent opportunity to invest in. Home Healthcare is a $136 billion industry that employs more than 2 million people. Thirty-seven billion of that is much-needed pediatric services. 

    The Benefits of a Pediatric Home Care Business

    Pediatric home health care services are a business opportunity that you can start from your home office or leased space. The franchise opportunity is flexible and scalable. 

    The benefits you will enjoy working with First Day Homecare include:

    • Site Selection: First Day Homecare helps you outfit your home office or find space to get you up and running as smoothly as possible.
    • Initial Training: You will receive initial and ongoing training as part of the franchise package. From day one, you’ll move forward confident and well-prepared.
    • Marketing: First Day Homecare offers new owners expert marketing assistance to let your community know you are available and ready to provide high-quality services to vulnerable residents.  

    One of the most significant benefits of a pediatric home care business is that you get to support your community in a whole new way, offering much-needed services in your local area.

    How to Get Started with Your Own Pediatric Home Care Franchise

    Now is the perfect time to open a private-duty nursing franchise specializing in pediatric care. The steps are straightforward. 

    1. Contact First Day Homecare by filling out the form on their website or calling.
    2. Have an introductory call (5-10 mins) to ask questions and learn about the process.
    3. Jump on a more extended (1-hour) call to discuss things in detail.
    4. Fill out a candidate profile (10 mins).
    5. Schedule an FDD (franchise disclosure document) review (30-45 mins).
    6. Discovery Day, where you meet with the team and learn more about day-to-day operations.
    7. Sign your franchise agreement.
    8. Welcome to First Day Homecare!

    A First Day Homecare franchise is a fantastic opportunity for a business professional, nurse, physician, or investor. 

    Contact First Day Homecare

    If you are excited about owning your own pediatric home care franchise, contact First Day Homecare today to learn more about this rewarding career opportunity. 

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