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    Some families’ lives revolve around caring for a medically fragile child or loved one. Caregivers often work tirelessly around the clock to serve the needs of their family members. However, it can be terrifying, exhausting, stressful, and lead to burnout. 

    That is where visiting nurses come in! First Day Homecare is a private home nursing service that allows caregivers to take a breath and focus on self-care for a while, knowing their loved one is in good hands. 

    If you like helping people and want to make a difference in your community, investing in a homecare franchise is a great way to impact the lives of families and patients in need positively. 

    Who is First Day Homecare?

    First Day Homecare was founded in 2020 in Flint, Michigan, by a dedicated group of medical professionals who deeply desired to help medically fragile patients and their caregivers. They understood that community-based home care services were one of the best ways to make a positive impact. At the very beginning of First Day Homecare, the passionate team said, “Today is the First Day of better days.”

    The founders discovered a need that was not being met in the Michigan area. They created First Day Homecare to serve scared, exhausted parents who were bringing their medically fragile child home from the hospital for the first time. 

    What makes First Day Homecare different is that the service doesn’t just cover in-home care, emotional support, training, and transitioning from home to the hospital and to and from school. Our nursing professionals actually ride the bus with your child to ensure health and safety back and forth. Our skilled nursing professionals also provide in-home training to help new caregivers learn how best to care for their loved ones.

    First Day Homecare specializes in helping children and adults with medically complex conditions, such as tracheostomy and ventilator dependence. 

    Why Invest in a First Day Homecare Franchise?

    Shockingly, there are 15 million Americans in need of private-duty nurses. Many of these individuals are adults, but hundreds of thousands are children with exhausted, worried parents desperately needing help and support. 

    The home healthcare industry averages $136 billion a year. Additionally, healthcare businesses employ more than 2 million people. A large percentage ($37 billion) is spent on pediatric home care, which is growing by 8% annually and is expected to continue to grow exponentially. 

    If you are passionate about making a difference and filling a need, investing in a homecare franchise opportunity could make a real difference in your community. 

    Regardless of whether you are interested in healthcare, nursing, or patient care, investing in a home care franchise opportunity, you can support families while also building a growing business. There is no better feeling than helping others and making a difference in the lives of families with medically fragile children or adults with medically complex conditions. 

    Home Care Assistance Franchise Costs

    The costs associated with a homecare assistance franchise will vary based on many factors. Contact our offices today to discuss our homecare franchise opportunities and the related investment. 

    The steps for franchising with First Day Homecare include the following: 

    1.    Completing an Inquiry Form.

    2.    Connecting with our Franchise Sales Director.

    3.    Reviewing Disclosure Document.

    4.    Meeting the Team for Discovery Day.

    5.    Signing the Franchise Agreement.

    6.    Finalizing Your Location and Set-Up.

    7.    Hiring Your Staff and Conducting Training.

    8.    Opening Your Business for Families in Need.

    9.    Regulatory Compliance.

    The Benefits of a Home Care Business Franchise

    The benefits of opening a home care business franchise are endless. You get to work in a rewarding business that helps people every day, and you also get to be a part of a team that genuinely cares about and respects each other. Some of the benefits include:

    ● Building a solid business from a proven franchise model.
    ● Positively impacting your community.
    ● Helping families in need.
    ● Providing a solution where there is a gap in services.
    ● Providing high-quality, skilled care for families that need your help.
    ● Feeling rewarded every day for making a difference.

    The First Day Homecare Difference

    When evaluating homecare franchises, you have many options available to you. What makes First Day Homecare different is: 

    Commitment to Quality - First Day Homecare is committed to quality and upholds the highest standards of care. We are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) in Private Duty Nursing Services. We employ evidence-based practices and procedures to deliver consistent, reliable, high-quality, effective care. 

    People First - First Day Homecare puts people over profits whenever possible. We are a people-first service, and our core values are transparency, collaboration, and over-communication to ensure that everyone gets the care they need and is on the same page.

    Exceptional Business Model - To share the gift of caring, we have developed a solid franchise model to help new owners operate effectively and streamline staff and patient processes. Business managers and healthcare professionals could consider investing in a homecare franchise. 

    We offer our franchisees the following benefits:

    ●      An experienced leadership team.

    ●      An established, trusted, and reputable brand.

    ●      Thorough training and ongoing support.

    ●      Ample marketing support and guidance.

    ●      A completely supportive culture that puts people first.

    Another thing that sets First Day Homecare apart is that we prioritize the needs of our employees and operate as a cohesive team. We also put people first over profits, including our patients, caregivers, and their parents. 

    Pediatric home care is a niche market with patients needing trustworthy, transparent support, and we fill that need. By investing in a First Day Homecare franchise, you can make a difference in the lives of so many others.

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