How to Start a Nursing Home Business for Medically Complex Patients

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    This blog offers tailored guidance for starting a nursing home business under the First Day Homecare brand, ensuring success in senior care entrepreneurship.


    Highlights in this blog:

    1. Mastering the Basics of How to Start Nursing Home Business: Before delving into the intricacies of the nursing home industry, it's essential to master the foundational elements of starting such a business. This includes conducting thorough market research, understanding the demographics and healthcare needs of your target population, and identifying potential competitors.
    2. Regulatory Understanding: The blog stresses the importance of grasping regulatory requirements for nursing home businesses to ensure legality and credibility.
    3. Network Building: The significance of establishing strong relationships within the healthcare industry is emphasized, enabling access to valuable insights, resources, and support crucial for nursing home business success.


    If you work in the medical field or want to invest in a business that helps people in need, consider starting a nursing business. Working with medically complex patients is an extremely rewarding career path, and your business could offer nurses a much-needed alternative to hospital work. 

    Before opening your doors and assigning patients, you must learn how to start a nursing home business

    What Does Medically Complex Mean?

    Traditionally, the term “special needs” described a pediatric patient with serious medical conditions who required specialized treatment. The modern terminology to describe children with severe medical conditions (sometimes multiple) due to rare illness, premature birth, physical trauma, or genetics is “medically complex.” These children require ongoing specialized care, usually around the clock.  

    More than 4.5 million Americans are in need of private-duty nurses, and there aren’t enough companies to fill that need. Home healthcare is a $136 billion industry, and $37 billion of that is for medically complex children. 

    Nurses who work with First Day Homecare say, “Parents’ responsibilities have an enormous impact on the family: going out of the home becomes a challenge, there are constant constraints on time, parents are sleep-deprived, and there are wider impacts on siblings.” Clearly, there is a strong need for more private-duty nursing services across the U.S. 

    How to Start a Nursing Home Business 

    Due to the vulnerable nature of medically complex patients, quality of care is essential. When thinking about how to start a nursing home care business, you must consider the parent company and the quality of services it provides to its patients. 

    Some of the other things to consider when starting a nursing home business include:

    • Best Nursing Staff - You will want to hire the best nurses in your area. Staff your entire operation with dedicated, compassionate individuals who work hard and put people first. 
    • Top Quality Care - Plan on providing the highest quality care available anywhere. Invest in the latest technology to make collaboration with families effortless and offer the best tools and resources to make your nurse’s jobs easier.
    • Training - Take advantage of all training offered to feel confident that you are operating at the highest level possible. Offer ongoing training for support staff to keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page. 
    • Support - Look for a franchise partner who offers top-notch support and plenty of it. Franchisors who invest in new owners believe in their success. 

    The basic steps on how to start a private duty nursing business include:

    1. Perform extensive research to see what your options are, from starting a business from scratch to buying an existing private duty nursing service and franchising.
    2. Decide on your niche. For example, First Day Homecare specializes in working with families of medically complex patients.
    3. Research the competition in your area.
    4. Decide on a location with an adequate market and support.
    5. Review your franchise options and what each company offers you.
    6. Prepare yourself financially to invest in the company of your choice. Depending on location, most new First Day Homecare owners spend between $88,550 and $149,700. That includes a $49,500 franchise fee for a single-unit operation. You can also expect a 5% royalty fee, a 1% marketing fee, and a $300/month technology fee. 
    7. Acquire the professional licensing and certificates needed for your business.
    8. Hire a top-notch staff, including skilled nurses who can handle anything.
    9. Develop a solid marketing plan to get the word out about your new business.
    10. Go to work helping others.

    The benefits of starting a nursing home business with First Day Homecare include:

    • Initial Training - Extensive training in all aspects of the business, including office setup, inventory, hiring, and learning all about the First Day Homecare franchise system. 
    • Support From the Whole Team - Receive the best support from everyone on the team. We are invested in your success. 
    • Franchise Operations Manual - Exclusive access to our operating manual with all the secrets to running a successful nursing home business. This resource includes invaluable financial, reporting, operations, staffing, and community involvement information. 
    • Documentation - Another considerable benefit is all the necessary documentation, including regulatory-compliant policy manual, procedural manual, and state-compliant clinical documentation forms. 
    • Marketing Assistance - FDH will help you follow brand guidelines to connect with families in need, including sample materials. 
    • Ongoing Support - You are never alone when you franchise with First Day Homecare. We are right there beside you every step of the way, offering guidance and support. 

    How to Start a Private Duty Nursing Business with First Day Homecare

    Imagine spending your days helping others in a profound way and contributing to your local community. That’s what owning a First Day Homecare franchise is like. 

    Excited to learn more about how to start a nursing home business? All you need to do to start is fill out the contact form on the website or contact us at 800-423-0500 or via email sales@firstdayfranchising.com.

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