Finally, a Private Duty Nursing Business that is Better For Professionals, their Patients, and Families

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    Founded by healthcare professionals, First Day Homecare was created in Flint, Michigan for  many reasons, but mostly because there was a need not being met.

    • This is a business that exists because parents hold their breath every time their child gets on the school bus, worried about the health and safety of their child when they are at school.
    • It exists because parents and caregivers want to learn the best way to care for their loved one while transitioning from hospital to home, but don’t know where to look.
    • It exists because there are not enough Private Duty Nursing providers out there to meet the demand of the number of infants and children who require this level of care in their home, and we want to be a part of the solution.

    First Day Homecare was created because the world continues to turn for families of children and adults with medically complex conditions, and support is needed.

    There are 4.5 million Americans in need of private duty nursing services. Many of these are adults, but there are hundreds of thousands of pediatric patients with exhausted, worried parents and caregivers desperate for in-home professional support. Families with medically fragile children can be found in every community, in every state. It’s a nationwide issue with needs that aren’t being met.

    That’s where First Day Homecare comes in.

    Today is the First Day of better days for patients, for parents, for caregivers, for First Day Homecare staff, and now for our franchise owners.

    At First Day Homecare, we see the impact our services make in the homes of our friends and neighbors. Today, we are on a mission to further our visionto remain a premier provider of skilled Private Duty Nursing services, supporting the most vulnerable of patients in the communities we are serving.”

    That’s why First Day Homecare has created a strategically developed franchise model for other business managers and healthcare professionals to become business builders. As a member of the First Day Homecare family of franchisees, you can extend the reach of what we do to more people in more places across the country.

    If you are passionate about healthcare, nursing, patient care, and supporting families of medically fragile children, or others with medically complex conditions, a franchise with First Day Homecare is a way to provide meaningful work, while making a huge difference in the lives of others. There’s no better feeling for a healthcare provider.

    Why the Pediatric and Adult Home Care Industry Needs YOU

    Learn about the misconceptions of the home healthcare industry and why people like you are needed now more than ever.
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